Top 8 Travel Destinations

Those who are planning a trip to Peru should definitely go through this piece of writing. Frankly speaking, Peru is a popular travel destination and many people stress on two popular cities – Lima and Cuzco. But let me tell you that there are many more places to explore besides Cuzco and Lima. Some of the best spots in Peru that one should definitely pay a visit are -

Pisco is known as the most dazzling and ecologically diverse region in the world. Referred to as Poor man’s Galapagos, Pisco offers bunch of surprises for the visitors. This small island features guano birds, penguins, boobies, seals and marine wildlife. Pisco is close to the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Paracas National Reservation. Make sure that you pay a visit to Tambo Colorado in Pisco. It is an adobe style fort with several rooms and mazes to explore, and there are some great hotels in Pisco.

If you want to enjoy beach sports and surfing, Mancora is the ideal destination for you. There is also located a fishing village that you can visit in the village of Cabo Blanco.

Trujilo is a city located in the northwestern part of Peru. The city is rich in history and culture. You can visit the well-preserved ruins site, museum Moche Pyramids, and many more. This is the place where the priests carried out bloody human sacrifices.

Puno is a city in Peru, known for having indigenous markets and is rich in culture. Lake Titicaca is not only beautiful but is the best spot to spend some quality time with your partner. Tourists are allowed to take a boat ride.

Huaraz is basically referred to as a hiker’s paradise. Those loving unusual landscapes should surely visit this place. Visitors can take part in hiking, mountaineering and rock climbing in Huaraz.

The main reason for visiting Chivay is its ecstatic natural beauty. In Chivay you will be able to enjoy natural hot springs, cultural markets and astronomical observatory.

The beach town of Huanchaco is ideal for surfing. Surfers of all level are allowed to enjoy the swell direction and nice wind. You will also get to see little reed horses in this region.

Iquitos allows tourists to explore the largest tropical forests in the world, The Amazon Jungle. Travelers can take boat ride to explore the wildlife over there.