Same-sex wedding issue separates Miami shores

In a place with a huge percentage of same sex houses as well as an openly same sex vice mayor, a symbolic resolution backing same-sex union appear to be very simple to Ivonne Ledesma, Miami Shores Councilwoman. She stated that but what she found was that that was not the case.
Whether or not to back same sex wedding has split the Miami Shores, with advocators flying rainbow flags on their speckless front lawns as well as opponents looking out at Village Hall. Originally, village leaders voted down the nonbinding measure on 15th July.

A same kind of symbolic resolution would come before the council once again on Monday evening, introduced by Mayor Herta Holly, who gave a no the very first time. She was not there for comment on her sudden change of heart.

Ledesma brought in the 1st resolution on 1st July, but held over the vote to offer the community a scope to show their opinion on this issue. Vice Mayor Jesse Walters stated that the organizations backing the resolution believed that it was going to be defeated on 1st July, but brought it before his colleagues again 2 weeks later.

He stated that that is when it failed, becoming the very first city in all of Florida to vote no. Councilmen Jim McCoy, Hunt Davis and Mayor Holly all voted against the resolution, outvoting Ledesma and Walters. Some people told the commissioners to disapprove the gay wedding measure.