Really worth the trip

When much of Europe and American has become over-concentrated with electronic music festivals, there are many of places in the planet where there is still a lot of scope for brand new entrants to the market.

Central America and South America, as well as much of Asia, and mainly Africa are all quite open. Music festivals have turned into so much more than another spot to listen to some bands, and for a lot they have become a rite of passage for countless people. The smart (and new) promoters have been paying attention to this.

At the start of this month, the 3rd annual TDA fest happened in Panama City, and it was the real perfect instance of the kind of events which are popping up all across a place where there was not previously much to talk of in the way of these proceedings.

This is not just a little party with a few DJs located across the corner either. Disco Donnie Presents, the TDA’s organizer (in collaboration with local on the ground promoter ShowproPanama), has the liks to book people like Zedd, Diplo and Skrillex.

Those are artists which might not typically travel the country for a solo event, (though many find the time to go to the main Yacht Charter in Croatia festival) but for a high-paying fest, it is likely worth it.

Along with this, the company that arranges TDA works with many of the artists on a daily basis, so by playing one fest in aloof country, the DJs are more prone to get extra bookings in the future.