Peru looking for Colca Valley’s Geopark status

Authorities are expecting to get designation from the UNESCO that recognizes the Colca region’s cultural and geographical significance. The authorities in Peru has stated that they would ask UNESCO to include Colca Valley in Arequipa region to the Global Geoparks Network, with the target of further shaking up tourism and travel in this part of the country.

Arequipa’s Caylloma province’s mayor Elmer Caceres stated that this valley boasts a number of geological places of some importance for both tourism and scientific purposes. He stated that the nearby Sabancaya Volcano as well as the 11004 ft deep Colca Canyon extends to draw in the interest of many Earth-based scientists.

Caceres is also the chief of Colca Autonomous Authority or Autocolca. He stated that this office would prepare a formal request to UNESCO. The Colca Valley is one of top tourist attractions in Peru as well as the home to magnificent Andean condor; and it received over 257000 foreign and domestic visitors in 2013.

A total of hundred areas in thirty two nations have been assigned by the body as geological pluses of high value to the international community.

Made with UNESCO’s support in the year 2004 to promote cooperation between practitioners and geological heritage experts; global geoparks network links geological heritage places of beauty, rarity and international importance and that are also used to encourage sustainable development for local communities.