Peru bike rides raises #8000 for charity works

A charity bike riding pair has returned in South Tyneside after raising # 8000 by just cycling three hundred kilometers through Peru.

David Ridley and David Sinclair have just come back from South America after securing funds for Openwork Foundation Cares 4 Kids Appeal.

The duo were joined by twenty three others from throughout the United Kingdom, as they jointly raised around # 100000 for the organization that backs voluntary charities throughout the United Kingdom that serve socially, physically or mentally disadvantaged children.

Starting on 1st November, the duo cycled through Peru, visiting places like Machu Picchu ruins, the ruins of Ollantaytambo, the Amazon rainforest and the Sacred Valley of the Incas. Mr Sinclair is happy to be back after he and his partner Mr Ridley, from South Shields, protected themselves against savage wild dogs packs and they were eaten alive by mosquitoes.

But he told that the whole experience was just amazing. The sixty four year old from Hebburn, who has earlier cycled throughout Jordanian desert as well as India with his friend, told that without a doubt this trek was the most difficult. The heat was a killer and at times there was just no air to breath, so they were suffering from altitude sickness. He added that even walking a few steps was leaving people panting but they were having to cycle. It was hard but it was worth.