More than Macchu Picchu

Peru is diverse, physically vast and geographically complex. The country has cacti-clad desert, sweaty jungle lowlands and lofty Andean highlands. The multi faceted attributes of this South American country attracts several curious travelers from across the world. Except for the well stepped trail to Macchu Picchu and Cuzco, most parts of this country are still out of the travelers’ radar.

There was a time when Peru was at the centre of the Inca Empire that stretched from Colombia to Argentina and northern Chile. Today, even though the Inca civilization has loge been melted, but old days still plays quite an important role in this country. Time warped towns of Inca Empire are still inhabited by people and the remains of the old civilizations are still being discovered.

But more than that, Peru has a lot to offer – beach bumming on its coastline, cultural walks in colonial cities and adventurous sports. Everything you need – whether it is elegant colonial cities, myriad adventures or its traditional cultures, Peru is all set to impress you.

The reason why people come to this country is because of Machu Picchu, which is still the most visited place in this country. But as people say journey is more important than destination. You can spend a day visiting local tribes, threading Peru’s backcountry or walking the Inca Trail before catching the sunrise from Wayna Picchu peak. Mysterious Nazca Lines are also there to mesmerize you and you are free to decide yourself where it came from. So pack your bags and head towards Peru.