HHS filmmakers raise fund for Peru trip documentary

Arianna Silva (class of 2009) and Cameron Ciesluk (class of 2010), both Hudson High School (HHS) graduates, share several interests. Both of them are also graduated from the Worcester State College, where she had major in visual art.

She lso had communications, while Cameron studied communications and broadcast media. At present, everyone of them is working at Hudson High School filmmakers fundraise for US$ 2500 to make a docu feature of students visiting to Peru in April break.

Desling with their various roles when it comes to coming back to the Hudson High School has taken them for some time, said Silva, who is now a long term para-pro. She acknowledged this with a little smile and said they they are still transitioning into calling the teachers here by their first names.

The jobs' other aspects have been a smoother transition, said Cameron, who is now a HUD-TV cable-access producer at the Hudson High School. He added that he knew regarding this equipment and how the cable station runs because he took classes there, and it was nice that they already knew everyone coming into the job.

They also knew that every year June Murray, a cultures teacher, takes thirty students to Peru. And there they comes to know regarding travel, culture, community service and limited technology.

Arianna Silva is really greatful for everything she learnt from Murray. She told that she took her classes with June in high school and she really adore her. She is very passionate about what she is teaching.