Billions of people from over 190 countries will follow the Dakar Rally.

Apart from visiting the country, the rally is anticipated to grab maximum eyeballs over Internet and Television.

This Rally will boost up the tourism of the country as over 6000 foreign spectators are expected to trip the country.

The Government of Peru hopes to exceed the amount of publicity the rally garnered in 2012. Peru’s Foreign Minister of Trade and Tourism Jose Luis Silva said that the city of Lima has the infrastructure to hold all the visitors. For about 10 days, mechanics, drivers and fans will throng the city of Lima. The rally will go through Tacna to finish in Chile.

Lima wants to be the hub of sporting and cultural events and attract millions of Latin Americans. The 2013 Dakar Rally will begin next year on 5th of January. Not only Peru but its neighboring countries like Bolivia, Columbia and Venezuela will also gear up for the Rally Event next year. The basic infrastructure to accommodate fans, drivers and mechanics is their priority.

The motive of the tourism department is not only to attract tourists for the sporting event but also motivate them to visit other tourist spots of the country. The 2012 edition was not as satisfactory in terms of foreign influx as was expected. More and more media exposure and publicity is anticipated to advertise the Rally. The Government of Peru wants to leave no stone unturned for the next year’s gala sporting event.