Class Adventure Travel starts Encounter Peru

Class Adventure Travel Agency's travel specialists have spend their years of South America travel experience to create Encounter Peru, a brand new venture which offers both personally recommended hidden gems as well as area highlights. Encounter offers a scope to see the nation with the eyes of the local people as the travels were built from first hand experiences. The services selection opt for alternatives to travelers paths when possible in favor of a more personalized and authentic adventure.

Destinations are handed in multi day small packages which are simply added to shopping cart, a behavior which is very well known with online shoppers these days. This allows travelers to get the benefits of a deal (complete with bus tickets, hotel bookings, airport transfers and excursions), while just including experiences and locations that are very important to them. Once all the places have been added, an specialist from Encounter Peru will review the itinerary, and making sure that the tour is arranged in a very efficient manner.

Marc Harrison, the managing director told that Encounter is a passion product they have been developing to introduce something very unique to travelers. They are looking for more and more that travelers find deep diving into local culture just as important as hitting the highlight destinations. Since they live and travel there, they have the ability to welcome visitors to experience this amazing country through a local’s perspective and by offering the destinations in small bundles, they are able to offer the prices of a package deal, while giving visitors the level of customization which is very important to them.