Archaeologists in Peru find ancient temple

Peruvian archaeologists have found out a temple which is believed to be around 5000 years old. The Culture Ministry told that the temple was discovered at the old El Paraiso archaeological place in a valley which is just north of Lima, he Peruvian capital.

If the date, which is mentioned here, is confirmed, then it would be among the several oldest places in the world and it could be comparable to the old city of Caral, which is a coastal city, two hundred kilometers to the north.

The discovery, called the Temple of Fire, was discovered in one of the wings of the main pyramid of El Paraiso. It includes a fireside which experts believe was utilized to burn ceremonial offerings.

Marco Guillen led the team of researchers that made the discovery. He told that the smoke allowed the priests to connect with the gods.

Archaeologists saw the fireside in the middle of January as they were doing some conservation work at the set of the 4000 year old wreck known as El Paraiso, which is located around forty kilometers north-east of Lima in Chillon River Valley. While speaking to reporters, Rafael Varon, the Deputy Culture Minister of Peru, told that this discovery reveals that the Lima region was a focus of civilizations in the Andean territory.

Archaeologists say the old coastal civilizations raised crops that even includes cotton that they traded with fishermen for food. El Paraiso that spread across fifty hectares (i.e. 125 acres), has ten buildings as well as it is one of the biggest ancient places in central Peru.